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A 6-Month Coaching Program To Set You Up As a Profitable Social Media Manager With The Right Skills, Strategies, Systems And The Framework To Attract & Book High Value Global Clients

If you’re here, I know you want to..

Become a successful freelance social media manager, earn in lakhs every month working with high-value global clients who don’t just pay you well but also value your expertise and skills.

But you’re uncertain about..

Where to start

Not confident about your skills

How you can book premium clients and why should they choose to work with you

How to manage the overwhelm of handling multiple clients

How to price your services

How to increase prices without losing clients in the process

Some of my Social Media Management clients have been featured in...

Freelance SMM

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An end-to-end Social Media Management course + 6-month coaching program designed to help current and aspiring Social Media Managers looking to scale or start a profitable freelance Social Media Management business.


This course is for YOU if...

You want to become a social media manager but don't know WHERE TO START or HOW TO GET CLIENTS


You are not confident about getting results for your clients and hence, UNABLE TO CHARGE PREMIUM RATES


Your are a social media manager but you seem to only ATTRACT LOW BUDGET CLIENTS


You want to attract and book HIGH VALUE CLIENTS from all over the world consistently


The Freelance SMM Bootcamp focuses on 4 main things:


Equip you with the Social Media skills that will allow you to charge premium rates confidently.


Give you the strategies to get amazing results for your clients.


Build systems and workflows for smooth client experience & managing multiple clients efficiently.


My proven Client Attraction Framework to attract and book high value global clients consistently.

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Here's what the Bootcamp members are saying..
Bootcamp Member 
Course Breakdown
Module 1

Mindset & Responsibilities of a global SMM

  • Meet your coach & How to get the most out of this course

  • Developing a strong mindset & Lifestyle tweaks to set you up for success

  • 2 Ways to build an Entrepreneur mindset + reading list

  • Time management tips

  • What the heck is social media management?

  • Module 1 Homework

Module 2

Creating a kickass social media strategy that gets results

  • Why strategy?

  • Step by step guide to creating a solid social media strategy that gets results

  • Module 2 AHomework

  • Social Media Strategy Template

Module 4

Know my secret engagement tactics & schedule like a pro

  • Scheduling content like a pro

  • Master inbound & outbound engagement on Instagram

  • Module 4 Homework

  • Resources - Engagement checklist

Module 5

Creating detailed reports to show clients you are crushing it!

  • Creating analytics reports for your clients

  • Walkthrough of a report

  • How to test content

  • What to do if results suck?

  • Module 6 Homework

  • Resources - Analytics report template

Module 3

Mastering content creation and building systems for efficient delivery

  • First things first, let’s optimise the bio

  • How to develop a content calendar

  • How to create graphics for your client

  • Social media copywriting

  • Hashtag strategy

  • Creating content for Instagram feed posts

  • Creating content for Instagram Reels & Stories

  • The social media marketing funnel

  • Creating content for LinkedIn

  • Creating content for Facebook

  • Repurposing content, UGC content & curating content

  • Managing + Organising weekly/monthly content for efficiency

  • Send content for review & the revision process

  • Module 3 Homework

  • Resources - Trello Board setup for content management, Content Calendar template, hashtag bank template, content creation checklist

Module 7

Attracting high value clients and converting them

  • Where to find clients

  • Creating strategic content for your own socials

  • How to get in front of your target clients and strike up a conversation on DMs (conversation template included)

  • Hosting Discovery Calls to convert

  • Mock Dicovery call listen-in

  • Dicovery call etiquettes

  • What to include in a proposal

  • Seal the deal with contracts & invoices

  • Module 7 Homework

  • Resources - Discovery call script, proposal, contract, and invoice templates

Module 8

Build Systems to manage clients like a pro SMM

  • New client welcome & onboarding process

  • Building systems for Client management workflow

  • Client retention techniques

  • How to get testimonials & referrals

  • Client offboarding workflow

  • Module 8 Homework

  • Resources - Welcome kit template, Onboarding questionnaire template, Client workflow pin up

Module 9

How to sustain your SMM Business

  • Things to do to sustain your SMM biz in the long run

  • Services that you can offer as an SMM

  • Template of social media management packages

Module 6

Setting up your SMM business

  • Branding & optimising social media profiles

  • Building a kickass portfolio

  • Building your own DIY website

  • Creating packages & setting your rates

  • Social media manager schedule

  • Module 6 Homework

  • Resources - Portfolio template, Branding checklist, Website checklist, Social Media checklist

Module 10

Launch strategy for social media

  • Understanding when is the best time to launch

  • Understanding the sales process while launching 

  • How to qualify leads

Upon enrollment, this is what you'll get...

You get lifetime access to the course (even as I make updates to it).  The content is easy to implement, bite sized, just what you need to see your goals come true. 


Weekly coaching calls (for the next 6 months) where you can ask me ANYTHING related to social media, get your work reviewed, get feedback.


You’ll be added to the course’s private Facebook group - ask me questions to get unstuck, brainstorm, and strategize with other social media managers who have taken the course.


Get access to all of my systems and templates (Social Media Strategy Template, Proposal Template, Reel Prompt Template) + recording to all the weekly Q&A sessions

I started my freelance social media management journey with $0

When I got my first client, I did all the work for FREE. Can you believe that?

I struggled so badly with Imposter Syndrome that I felt lucky that anyone would want to hire me at all.

By the time I got my first paid client, I was so scared that I undercharged them. A mere $200 for my Done-For-You SMM services.

It was not a happy thought to get paid so little for the efforts that I was putting for the client, but I persevered. I kept doing cold outreach and got a few more clients to work with. Some of them were low paying clients and some were difficult to work with.

Finally, I raised my prices with a new client that wanted to work with me. I was scared that the client would not want to work with me when I quote the updated prices. But, to my surprise, the client was eager to work with me. This helped me gain confidence in my skills and update the pricing for my existing clients as well. They were all too happy to pay me the right prices for my services and also referred me to their business besties!!

Since then, I hardly ever had to do cold outreach. I started getting a lot of inbound enquiries and referrals for my services. Through a lot of trial and error, I have set up my systems and workflows to better manage my clients, give them a professional experience working with me and get them the results that they come to me for.


My biggest pride is one of my clients who has achieved their milestone of getting to 10K+ followers and over $2M in sales by implementing my strategies :)

And now, I want to help other social media managers achieve the EXACT same thing in their businesses with The Freelance SMM Bootcamp.


I am super EXCITED to share EVERYTHING that I learned… all the systems, tools, strategy, and know-how to help you build a booked out social media management business so you can bypass all the frustration and overwhelm, I'll take you through every aspect of being an incredible social media manager, and give you insight into all the mistakes I made (so you can avoid them!). 

My favorite part of this course? The confidence you will leave with!! You will walk away knowing how to be a professional, successful, and *ahem* well-paid social media strategist.


Let's goooo 💪💪

Here's what some of my clients are saying...


Chinyere Okoroji

CEO, The ElevatHer


Andrew Melrose

VP, Mold Authority

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-01 at 12.11.26 AM.jpeg

Ijeoma Azubuko

Founder, The Ruby Ball

Priyanka is the best social media strategist that I have had the privilege to work with! And I mean THE BEST!! There is no topic that she is unable to learn about and create engaging content around. She is diligent and strategic and focused on growing your following with the right audience. I recommend her 10000%. Working with her is the best thing you can do for your social media growth strategy.

Priyanka does amazing work. If you ever need anything in the digital world, she is the one to go to. If you're looking for any of the services she provides, she'll knock it out of the park. My favorite thing about her is her kindness. She understands what you need and will shift and change for you. She's always on top of things and communicates very well.

Priyanka is the best at what she does hands down! The content for my nonprofit is very specific and heavy, but Priyanka came in and researched the area curating content that was engaging and digestible for everyone and anyone that may visit our social media account! Priyanka increased our engagement substantially and created an experience that improved the way we view social media as a business too!

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-01 at 12.11.25 AM.jpeg

Melissa Mitchner

CEO, The Bark Shoppe

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-01 at 12.11.25 AM (1).jpeg

Tamara Gillman

CEO, True Journey Financial

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-01 at 12.11.26 AM (1).jpeg

Anusha Maniyar

Founder, The Fluent Bee

Priyanka is very detailed orientated, a great benefit working with Priyanka is she is a self motivated and often brings ideas to projects. Priyanka is very organized which is a plus. It has been a pleasure working with her and she would truly be an asset to any company.

I really enjoy working with Priyanka. She is very organized and extremely knowledgeable about everything social media. She has taken my socials and turned them into a lead-generating machine. I look forward to continuing my relationship with her in the future.

Priyanka is the best social media manager that i have had. She is very hardworking and focused on growing your following with the right audience that you need. Also she is very professional and delivers all the content on time. I would recommend her to everyone who want their business to stand out online. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes...
DSC_0066 2.JPEG

How much longer will you keep doing what you are doing or try to scale or start your business using free content? While the content on the internet can be super powerful, no denying that, won't it make sense to invest in a course and a mentor who has done and is currently doing exactly what you want to do??


Learn EVERYTHING in an organized step-by-step manner with no guesswork involved. All you'll have to do is implement. Imagine the amount of time and effort you'll save! The number of mistakes and trial and error you'll bypass!!


Whether it be systems and workflows to manage multiple clients efficiently and show results, The Freelance SMM Bootcamp has got your back.

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